7 Pool Birthday Party Essentials

When thinking about the necessary items to really make your pool party pop, you’ve probably taken care of all the rest, and you only need the last couple of things for a legendary pool party. That means you’ve thought about all the reasons for throwing a pool party, and that you’ve decided what time of day you should have your pool party at.

Also, it never hurts to select a couple of fun activities for an engaging pool party. If all of that’s done and ready, you really should spend some time looking at ways to make your pool party really stand out. Finding a reliable pool rental company in San Diego that will rent you a pool for a private party is a huge step forward. But, what about the rest?

How do you throw a pool birthday party?

When the idea of throwing a pool birthday party comes into your mind, that’s it, any other ideas pale in comparison. However, knowing that you want to make a pool party for your birthday is only the first step. You have to take care of the rest of it as well.

  1. Pool – Find a suitable pool you can rent for your birthday party. 
  2. Date – Sometimes, you won’t be able to host a pool party on the exact date of your birthday. Instead, choose a date that suits all your friends.
  3. Theme – Select a theme for your birthday party. All great pool parties have a theme. You can go for:
    • Hawaiian luau
    • Las Vegas
    • 1950s night
    • Neon party
    • Pirate party

Or anything else that you love and that sparks your imagination. 

  1. Invitations – Personalize your birthday party invitations to reflect the theme of your party.
  2. Decorations – Think about which invitations would go best with the theme for your party, and then make sure you decorate every inch of the area around the swimming pool.
  3. Food and drinks – Providing your guests with food and beverages is essential for a great pool birthday party. If you want to do even more – incorporate the theme of your party into the food and drinks stations.
  4. Playlist – No party is complete without some good tunes, so do your best to create a playlist of upbeat songs that simply scream summer.
  5. Entertainment – Plan some pool party games for you and your friends to play. You can go for some pool volleyball, or a classic like Marco Polo.
  6. Pests – Nothing can spoil a great pool birthday party like mosquitoes and other insects. Devise a plan to keep the pests away.

Where can I rent a pool for a birthday party?

Chances are there’s a swimming pool that is available to rent for your birthday party in your vicinity. However, how do you know you should choose that pool for your party? There are several aspects to pay attention to when renting a pool for a birthday party.

  1. Location – Sometimes, there will be a great swimming pool near your home. However, it’s always better to choose a better swimming pool that is farther away and offers a gorgeous view than to opt for one simply because it’s nearby.
  2. Size – Depending on the number of guests you plan on inviting, you should consider the size of the swimming pool and the surrounding area too. Having insufficient space for the party can be a true buzzkill.
  3. Amenities – Only choose a swimming pool that has all the necessary amenities, such as dressing rooms and showers.
  4. Cleanliness – The swimming pool you’re thinking of renting has to abide by all the swimming pool sanitation requirements to ensure maximum safety of all the guests.
  5. Options – You want to rent a swimming pool that can offer you extras if you need them, such as giant floats, organized food & drinks stations, etc.
  6. Price – Finally, you have to think about the price. Find a company that will rent you a swimming pool for a reasonable price. Don’t break the bank, but you can go a little over your planned amount if the swimming pool ticks all the boxes. 

What do you need for a pool party?

Finally, once you’ve planned your birthday pool party and found a great swimming pool to host it at, it’s time to think about the important items no pool party should go without. Take a look at our list of pool party essentials:

  1. Floats – No pool party is complete without floats, the bigger the better.
  2. Sunscreen – You and all your friends need to be protected from the sun, which make a sunscreen station not only a great idea, but a crucial one too.
  3. Lounge chairs – Once your friends are done playing games in the pool, they’ll want to relax. Cozy lounge chairs are perfect for post-swim relaxation sessions.
  4. Phone cases – But not just any phone cases – waterproof phone cases. This will allow your friends to not only protect their phones, but to make some amazing underwater photos as well.
  5. Towels – There are never enough towels at a birthday pool party, and make sure you provide extra towels to your guests, just in case.
  6. Umbrellas – Umbrellas are indispensable as they provide the all-needed shade.
  7. Soft goods – Finally, add some comfortable outdoor pillows and provide your friends with an extra dose of comfort while they’re out of the pool. 

What is the best private party pool rental company in San Diego?How do you throw a pool birthday party

When you’re looking for a great swimming pool to have your pool birthday party at, you have to take The Plunge San Diego into consideration. We’re right in the center of Belmont Park, and we are completely prepared to cater to all your pool party desires.

We can go the extra mile and provide several giant floats for your party, or we can save you the hassle and organize a food and drinks station all on our own. When you rent a pool from The Plunge San Diego, we make sure all you need to worry about is having a good time. Contact us today!

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