Public Pool

Open Public Hours for Member and Program Usage (Deep End)

Members / Lap Swim: 7AM-7 PM, Seven Days a Week



Recreational Swim (Obstacle Course and Shallow End Available)

10am-7pm, Seven Days a Week


Discover the best pool for an open swim in San Diego

Stop your search for the best public swimming pool around and let us show you the way in! We bring you a luxe public pool with lavish amenities and pocket-friendly fees. Each and every one of our community members is welcome to join us for a soothing swim or vigorous water workout. Bring your kids along too because we’re family-friendly and will welcome you and your loved ones with open arms. At the Plunge San Diego, you’ll get the most enjoyable open swim ever! 

Is swimming a good exercise?

Swimming is one of the most beneficial and body-transforming exercises. It’s considered to be one of the best types of low-impact workouts, especially for individuals who have joint problems. So, if you want to get fit and healthy while also being kind to your body, take up swimming and get all the health and fitness perks it brings. 

Where can you swim in San Diego?

There’s no better place to do it than the Plunge, one of the best public pools in Southern California. The Plunge is nestled at a great location – in the heart of Mission Beach, right at Belmont Park. “And when can I go for an open swim near me?” We are available every day of the week, so enjoy the best swimming experience around anytime! 

What does your first-rate public pool near me have to offer?

The Plunge is here to change the way you swim! Discover the unique swimming experience it brings each and every time to both pool members and the public. Aside from boasting an incredible heated pool with both shallow and deep ends, the Plunge also offers numerous opportunities for workout and relaxation.

Whether you want to go for a recreational swim or start getting fit and strong, let the Plunge take your water exercise to a whole new level. Since our pool is open to the public, go for an occasional, relaxing swim and simply have fun. And if you want to reap all the membership amenities and discounts, join our community of happy swimmers today!

Is it safe to swim in public pools?

This isn’t even a question at the Plunge! Our advanced swimming pool adheres to all the safety requirements and meets the necessary industry standards. Our staff and swimming instructors are always nearby to provide any professional assistance if needed. In fact, during our open swim hours, you can have fun with your family without a worry on your mind.

How so? We make sure all children pass a swimming test before allowing them to go to the deep end. If their swimming abilities aren’t very strong, they can play safely in the shallow end. And if you’re wondering “Can I get sick from swimming in a public pool?”, let us give you your peace of mind! The Plunge is professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, featuring outstanding cleanliness levels. So, put your swimming suit on & swim your worries away!

Is it warm enough to swim in San Diego?

It’s always warm enough to swim at the Plunge! Our swimming pool is one of the largest heated ones in the area, boasting a modern design and inviting atmosphere. Make sure to visit us at your convenience and you’ll be charmed by the unique appeal of our pool.

How so? Two features turn an already great swimming experience into a remarkable one – retractable roof and floor-to-ceiling windows. Yes, that’s right, this means you’ll be able to swim while soaking in the beauty of the ocean horizon. Stop by and see for yourself!

Swim your way into our diverse aquatic programs

Are you ready to reach your full fitness potential and the stunning Plunge pool? Then stop delaying your visit and get back to your fitness routine. Get a rewarding and energizing workout session each time you visit our luxe public pool in San Diego or relax and let your worries slide off as you glide through the warm water.

Aside from recreational open swims, you can also join one of our fitness programs. We offer a variety of safe swim lessons in San Diego, including both group and private classes. We’re the best fitness club with a swimming pool that enables you to easily rent a pool for a party in San Diego. With us, you can also join highly beneficial aqua workouts in San Diego. Get everything you need in one place – the Plunge!

Get a prime swimming experience at the Plunge!

What the #1 public swimming pool near me has to offer?

Available to everyone

All San Diego residents are welcome to our premier pool. We’re open to the public seven days a week, enabling our neighbors to relax and get fit at any time. 

Top membership perks

Join our membership club and get the most of your swimming experience. Discover great deals and discounts, and then use the amenities we offer, including a sauna and lockers.

Staff & trainers beyond compare

Always feel welcome and secure in the company of our highly trained fitness instructors and truly attentive service staff. Reach out anytime you have some concerns or questions. 

Community atmosphere 

Go for a recreational swim, relax in our sauna, or get ready for a swimming competition. Most importantly, enjoy our inviting atmosphere and get to know like-minded individuals.

Swimming that meets your needs & your budget

“As one of the most popular outdoor public pools near me, what kind of pricing do you offer?” One that guarantees full transparency! Our visitors have an opportunity to choose between daily passes and monthly fees. Each of our daily or membership passes is openly displayed on our website because we have nothing to hide. Our rates include a range of charming amenities, enabling you to use the sauna, locker rooms, and more. So, just pick a pass that suits your needs and start your swimming adventure. 

“What kind of open swim near me can I get?”

Our visitors have access to our inflatable obstacle course that guarantees an exciting swimming experience. Visit us for a recreational swim any day from 2 to 6 pm and dive in for a swim that always counts. While recreational swimming entails shallow end and obstacle course availability, open public hours will enable you to discover some of our programs. See for yourself what else the best pool around brings!

Get all the support you need with us

Here at the unrivaled public swimming pool near you, you get to enjoy a range of different perks, inspiring pool environment, and professional support from our team. We’re all dedicated to ensuring you have a whale of a time at our beautifully designed pool, so don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you need our help. Our expert swimming instructors are here to assist you with everything you need while our service staff can accommodate your needs. We’re always by your side – become a part of the happy Plunge community!

Take your swimming to a higher level at the Plunge

Are you ready to go from recreational swimming to high-effect workouts? Or would you like to sign up for our private swimming lessons? As one of the absolutely best public pools, we can make this happen! Join our long list of delighted members who’ve overcome their fitness obstacles and achieve their goals. Let us guide you through your physical improvement and provide you with all the expert help you need. Bring your A-game to our swimming pool each and every session. Visit us today!

Enjoy a delightful swim with special perks at our pool!

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