Experience outstanding swim lessons at the Plunge

The Plunge has a fabulous new look! The historic beachfront pool now boasts a gorgeous modern design that features stunning ocean views through floor-to-ceiling glass walls, as well as a new retractable roof that ensures comfortable temperatures all year long. The Plunge at Fit, as it is now called, offers a rich variety of swim and aqua classes, including both group and private swim lessons for all ages. You can choose from a wide array of passes, ranging from day to monthly membership options.
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Make the Most of Your Membership 

Plunge San Diego is proud to offer premium swim lessons at an elite facility for an affordable cost. Membership to Plunge San Diego or any Fit Athletic Facility is encouraged to receive an incredible discount. Valid memberships will be confirmed upon booking, if a non-member uses the Promo Code, then the difference in price will be charged on the first day of class. 


Group Member Lesson Promo Code $30 off per Session: plungegroup 

Private Member Lesson Promo Code $90 off per Session: plungeprivate

The best kids swimming lessons San Diego has to offer

If you’ve been asking yourself “where can I find elite swim lessons near me?”, we have your answer! The Plunge is a premium swimming facility perfect for swimmers of all ages and experience levels. Even the youngest swimmers are welcome at the Plunge. If you’re looking for safe and professional infant swim lessons in San Diego, our seasoned trainers can provide you with an unparalleled swimming experience you and your little one are sure to enjoy. 

Aquatic exercise is the perfect way to ensure healthy physical and mental development for your children. So, if you were wondering “what is the best age to start swimming lessons?”, we’d say the earlier the better! Professional toddler swim lessons in San Diego will promote your kid’s motor skills, as well as improve their memory and encourage a positive attitude towards water. 

A wide array of swim lessons for all ages

Whether you’re searching for the ideal place for baby swim lessons or just want to go for a recreational swim at a modern pool with great amenities, don’t hesitate to check out the Plunge. We offer a vast range of professional swim lessons, including deep water workout, Plunge Masters, Aqua Fit, Aqualogix, and so much more. And if that isn’t for you, you can come to the Plunge simply to relax or swim laps without guidance from our trainers. The Plunge is your go-to place for a swim even when it gets too cold for Mission Beach or La Jolla Cove.  

How do you teach swimming lessons for beginners?

Not all kids look forward to getting into the water. That’s why it’s necessary to search for qualified instructors when looking for kids’ swimming lessons in your area who will be patient with your child and make them comfortable in the pool. As the classes progress, so will your child’s abilities and attitude toward the water! 

At the Plunge, all swimming programs are carefully designed to not only teach your child the proper swimming techniques but also to enable them to let go of their fears and feel perfectly safe and confident in the water. What’s more, our dependable instructors will teach your child one step at a time, making sure they don’t get overwhelmed or feel pressured during the class. 

Enjoy exceptional swim lessons at the Plunge at Fit 

The fantastic Plunge pool in San Diego has something for everybody. This historic landmark is the finest public pool in San Diego and its surroundings which boasts a great number of swimming lessons that even the youngest visitors are sure to love. There’s no need to open your browser and search for “the best infant swim lessons near me” when you can stop by the Plunge and enjoy the best aquatic experience San Diego has to offer. 

Whether you’re searching for top-notch San Diego private swim lessons, want to relax at a great gym with pool San Diego loves, or wish to experience an effective water resistance training in San Diego, look no further than the Plunge. What’s more, you can also contact us if you’re looking for the best swimming pool rentals in the area. Visit the Plunge today! 

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Where can I find top-notch aqua aerobics classes near me?

  • First-rate swim lessons

    With guidance from our experienced instructors, you can boost your health and your little one can learn to be perfectly comfortable in the water while being completely safe.

  • Knowledgeable instructors

    Whether it’s you or your kid taking the lessons, you can count on our terrific instructors to provide you with safe, effective, and fun training that brings the best results.

  • A variety of amenities

    In addition to great discounts and memberships for swimmers of all ages, we boast a range of amenities, including an inflatable obstacle course, lockers, sauna, and more

  • Meet like minded people

    The Plunge is the ideal place to meet new people with similar lifestyles, as well as to organize fun get-togethers and parties for the people who are already in your life.

“What are the best toddler swim lessons near me?” The Plunge is the place to be!

Peerless experts for swim lessons San Diego counts on

Only the finest swimming instructors work at the Plunge. No matter what kind of swim lessons you are looking for, you can count on them to provide you or your kid with stimulating and effective aquatic exercise that builds strength and boosts your overall health. Our trainers offer a variety of programs for swimmers of all ages and experience levels which ensure maximum health and fitness benefits with each stroke. Check out our schedules today and take your pick! 

Plunge Babies

Intended for babies ages 10-36 months, this interactive parent-tot class is the perfect way to introduce your infant to the water in a loving, fun and upbeat fashion. Your child will become comfortable in the water through positivity and play, learning vital water safety skills along the way. A basic routine is followed week by week, filled with activities designed to promote memory and motor skills. The cost for 4 lessons is $40 for members and $70 for non-members.

Plunge Elite

Advanced swimming class focused on technique and endurance. Swimmers must be able to swim at least 100 yards continuously with freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. We currently offer Plunge Elite once a week on Saturdays. Participants will sign up for a one-month session and attend 4 Saturday sessions during the month for 60 minutes per session. The cost for the 4 lessons is $40 for members and $70 for non-members. The class size is limited. 

Private Lessons

The Plunge is proud to offer private swim lessons. Our one-on-one private swim lessons are completely tailored to meet the individual needs of students, with an end-goal emphasizing on the development of a passion for all aquatic environments. All aspects of swimming may be focused on in our sessions, ranging from stroke refinement, learning how to float, and everything in between. The cost for 4 lessons is $120 for members and $210 for non-members.

Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons

Sessions include 4 lessons in 30 minute increments. Class size is limited.

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Private Swim Lessons

Sessions include 4 lessons in 30 minute increments. One on one instruction.

Plunge or FIT Member