I understand that fitness activities, including swimming and sauna use, can lead to serious physical injuries. I acknowledge and agree that I am solely responsible for my safe and responsible use of the Plunge Facility, whether or not supervised by a Plunge representative. I hereby expressly assume the risk that I may suffer injury as a result of my use of the Plunge facility or equipment or participation in Plunge activities. I agree for myself and on behalf of my guests, heirs, representatives, successors and assigns that Plunge, including its owners, partners, members, directors, officers, employees and agents  will not be  liable for any damages or injuries I or User parties may suffer in or about The Plunge. I agree for myself and on behalf of User Parties that none of us will make any claim against, sue or attach the property of any Fit Athletic Party or affiliate thereof, whether such claims arise from negligence of the Fit Athletic Parties or otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law, and that each of us will hold harmless all such Fit Athletic Parties for any such claims. I also agree that The Plunge will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to my personal property in or about the facility, including any personal property kept in a locker at the facility. I agree to and understand the Plunge Safety Guidelines and Rules available online. If any portion of this Waiver of Claims and Release of Liability is held invalid, the remainder shall continue in full legal force and effect. I agree to receive e-mails and promotional material from The Plunge regarding programs and facility updates. I understand photography and videography may be occur and this material may be used by The Plunge without compensation. On behalf of my group, I hereby irrevocably consent to, and authorize the use of and reproduction by you, or anyone authorized by you, of any and all audio and video tape/motion picture photographs, negative or positive, which you have taken of me, for any purpose whatsoever including advertising, social media, trade, display, exhibition, and art purposes without any further compensation to me. I consent to the use of my image by any person or organization nominated or designated by you including any publisher, agent, or client, and such images of me may be used for all the aforesaid purposes without any limitation or reservation. All negatives, positives, and prints, videotapes, videodisks, shall constitute your property, solely and completely. I am signing this release as a representative for my entire group, they all accept the agreement with my signature.

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