5 Activities for a Fun Pool Party

When you want to throw a pool party, you rarely think about why you should throw a pool party. It’s a pool party, and a good time is guaranteed. You’d probably dedicate more time to thinking about the best time of the day for throwing a pool party, and about the essential items that would make your pool party great.

And those are all important matters. However, although a pool party is always going to be enjoyable, you should give it your all to make your party as fun as it can be. So, first find a good place that offers swimming pool party rental services at a reasonable price, and then get cracking on party ideas.

What do you do at a pool party?

When you think of pool parties, you never think of boredom. Pool parties are generally extremely enjoyable, especially when it’s really hot outside. Even so, you might be at a loss as to what to do at a pool party.

However, if you’re throwing a pool party, you should think about going the extra mile and organizing fun poolside activities for your friends to enjoy. Pools are all about having a blast, and these activities are guaranteed to make splash:

  1. Pool volleyball – Get a net, divide the pool, split up into two teams, and play some volleyball in the pool. It’s interesting, it cools you down, and it allows some friendly competition.
  2. Pool race – Find Michael Phelps among your friends by organizing a race in the swimming pool. Depending on the size, you can swim a single length or two pool lengths to determine the winner. Prepare a prize for the winner and be prepared for some mischief. 
  3. Water balloon war – You’re never too old for a water balloon fight. This will give you a chance to get back at your friends for losing the race. You can prep the balloons in advance, or make filling the balloons with water part of the game, to increase the tension.
  4. Water guns – Again, never too late to use water guns to soak your friends. You can divide into two teams, or make it a free-for-all just like the balloon war. It all depends if you prefer utter chaos or organized chaos.
  5. Marco Polo – Finally, the good old game of Marco Polo never fails. If you’re stuck on ideas, always go for the classics and you can’t go wrong. 

How do you make a pool party fun?

What do you do at a pool party


Once you’ve organized fun activities for your pool party, don’t stop – there’s still more you can do to make your pool party memorable. Think about the fine details, think how you can separate your pool party from regular pool parties.

Engaging games and activities are great, but what happens when your guests need a break? If you truly want your pool party to be incredible, consider implementing some of these ideas into the mix:

  • Match the food you’re serving to the theme of the party.
  • Take some time to decorate the water bottles.
  • Make fun and tasty fruit pops.
  • Decorate the pool with plenty of colorful balloons.
  • Make sure your drinks are cool and refreshing.
  • Prepare an ice cream station for your friends.
  • Offer your friends a chance to make their own DIY pizzas.
  • Make an aqua pinata and suspend it over the shallow end of the pool.
  • Rent some cool pool floats your friends can take a break on.
  • Think about umbrellas, as your friends will need some shade too.
  • Prepare bluetooth speakers and some summertime music.
  • Melamine serveware is absolutely stylish and it won’t break when dropped.
  • Throw in some drink makers by the pool too.
  • Finally, if you plan to continue your party when evening comes, make sure you think about adding some cool illumination.

Who offers swimming pool rental services for my poolside party in San Diego?

If you’d like to throw a pool party for all your friends, and you’re struggling to find a suitable pool to rent, you can stop looking because you’ve found The Plunge San Diego. Our swimming pool is gorgeous, the location perfect, and the service impeccable.

We provide group party slots that last for two hours, and we can also add some food, drinks, as well as giant inflatables into the mix. Just tell us what you want your pool party to look like, and we’ll make it happen. We’re very near Mission Beach, so feel free to contact us and reserve a slot for your party. We know you’ll have a blast!

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