7 Reasons to Throw a Pool Party

When it comes to throwing a pool party, there are so many pros, that it is going to be pretty difficult to list them all. We’re almost at a loss at why you’re even thinking about it. Sure, you might be unsure if it’s the right time for a pool party, but… It, kind of, always is, especially if you want to rent a pool for a party in San Diego.

And if you worry if your pool party is going to be fun, don’t. The words boring, party and pool do not belong in the same sentence. But we understand you may be entirely new to the whole “planning a pool party” deal, so let’s begin and see why hosting a pool party is a brilliant idea!

Why should I throw a pool party?

Because it’s fun? Because it’s awesome? Because everybody loves pool parties? Because there’s a pool and some swimming involved during those sweltering summer months? Because why not?

OK, we truly do understand that you might have your doubts. Pool parties are not actually as  common as popular culture will have you believe, even though they should be. 

If you still have reservations about throwing a pool party, allow us to dispel them by telling you why you should definitely go for it:are there any reasons against a pool party

  1. It’s a special occasion: The most special of all occasions is your birthday. If you’re thinking of throwing a pool party for your birthday, just do it. You can’t go wrong with a poolside birthday party. It also works great for the other holidays, including Labor Day, Independence Day or Summer Solstice.
  2. Celebrate internationally: Need more special occasions as excuses for a pool party? No problem! Celebrate the stars with Tanabata, a Japanese festival, or go full Swedis and do a Midsummer rager! Think globally and you’ll discover some pretty neat theme party ideas, too.
  3. Do it for your mates! If you don’t want to do it for you, do it for your friends. Yeah, we know, it’s a massive sacrifice, but if you truly care about them, it’s one you should be willing to make. Oh, the misery!
  4. It’s all for your health: Now, on a more serious note, pool parties can help your body as well as soul, especially if you organize them properly. Throw in some proper swimming, aqua yoga, or water aerobics in the mix and you’ll have a blast AND a workout!
  5. All the games! A pool party makes it easy to incorporate fun games. No matter if you’re a Marco Polo kind of person, or if you’re more into sharks and minnows, there are ample ways to have fun. And no, it’s not just for kids: games are neat party activities for adults too!
  6. “I own a pool, man!”: This will also do it as a reason. If you own it, flaunt it! But it’s really no problem if you haven’t got a pool in your backyard, as renting a pool for a party is simple, convenient and affordable nowadays.
  7. Think about the themes! Imagine all the ways you could go wild planning a themed pool party. Grab a huge inflatable Millenium Falcon floatie, and ask your friends to dress up in costumes to match!

Are there any reasons against a pool party?

There are, and we’re being completely honest, really no drawbacks when it comes to throwing a pool party. There’s the sun, there’s water, there’s food, drinks, games, floats and loads of other things the majority of people enjoy immensely. 

OK, some people don’t like spending all that much time in the sun, but hey, they can always seek shelter in the shade and still have a great time. You can have fun even if you don’t swim, or don’t like to. Sit back and lounge with a drink!

So, again, there are no downsides to a pool party. However, it is wise to pay attention to safety measures: apply sunscreen diligently, grab some shade every now and then, and be careful in the water or near the water if you’re a non-swimmer or have non-swimmers in your company. Other than that, pool parties are a blast!

Want a pool party? We can rent you a pool for your party in San Diego!

If you’re stuck on ideas, we can help you plan an incredible pool party in the open for any occasion. At The Plunge San Diego, you can reserve a two-hour party slot for up to 20 of your best friends, and we can also arrange food, beverages, and floats. 

Now, doesn’t this sound better than soaking your head in the fountain outside the San Diego Natural History Museum and calling it a day? We’re sure it does, so contact us today and let’s see how we can help you out!

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