What’s the Best Way to Learn to Swim?

In the world of physical exercise, swimming is king. In addition to combining an aerobic workout with strength building in your legs, arms, and core, the water makes you buoyant and removes all shock to your joints. Everyone can benefit from being a swimmer regardless of their age or fitness level.

So what’s the best way to become a proficient swimmer? Can you learn to swim on your own, or do you have to look for swim lessons near you in San Diego? How long does it take to learn to swim if you’ve never swam before?

In previous articles, we answered some common questions about how to teach your baby to swim and gave you some pointers on how to prepare your child for their first swim lesson. Now we’ll address some concerns new swimmers often have. Keep reading to learn more. 

Can you teach yourself to swim?

The possibility is there, but we don’t recommend it. In addition to making the learning process significantly more difficult and stressful, attempting to do it on your own can result in various unnecessary problems down the road.

Problems such as:

Developing bad habits

To become a strong swimmer, you need to know how to properly move and breathe in water. All too often, self-taught swimmers end up learning to “doggy paddle” or some other basic style that, while effective at keeping them afloat, is far from optimal.

An experienced teacher can show you the right techniques and prevent you from forming bad habits. This will go a long way toward helping you become a strong swimmer or a surfer, and make the whole process a lot less stressful.

It can take a long time

For many non-swimmers, getting over the discomfort of being in water can be one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to learning to swim. This can greatly (and unnecessarily) increase how much time it takes for them to become competent swimmers.

It can be dangerous

Learning to swim on your own can be risky. Without someone to guide them and help them out, non-swimmers are more likely to panic, which can result in drowning hazards for themselves and other people who come to their aid.

How many lessons does it take to learn to swim?

It depends on your age. Adults who learn at an average pace and aren’t afraid of water typically take about 20 hours over the course of a few months to master the basics, provided that they take regular swim lessons on at least a weekly basis. Of course, the more often you swim, the faster you’ll master it.

Kids typically take longer, depending on age:

  • Babies who start learning to swim when they’re 10-18 months old take up to 2 years to learn to swim on their own.
  • Children between 18 months and 3 years normally take about a year to learn to swim without help.
  • Small kids 3 years old or older usually become independent swimmers within 6-12 months.

How many lessons does it take to learn to swim

Where can I enlist in tried-and-true swim lessons near me in San Diego?

The safest and most efficient way to learn to swim is to enroll at an established swimming school in San Diego. That’s where The Plunge comes in! Our swimming lessons are available to students of all ages and led by highly experienced and friendly teachers.

Located right next to the Mission Beach Boardwalk, we’re a historic pool that offers a broad range of poolside services, including swim lessons, daycare, water aerobics classes, public pool services, private party rentals, and more. Get in touch with us today!

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