How Does Swimming Help Shape My Body?

Have you seen the gorgeous chiseled, broad-shouldered figures of both male and female professional swimmers? Do you think that has to do with anything else rather than swimming? In fact, it does not. Swimming is great for shaping the body, even without any other type of exercise.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercising. Not only can swimming help you shed some pounds, but it can also tighten up your whole body, and improve your overall fitness level. Just be careful not to go swimming after a big meal. Now, let’s take a closer look at how a visit to a San Diego gym with a pool can shape your body.

Does swimming change your body shape?

Yes, swimming definitely changes your body shape. The more you swim the more will your body become unrecognizable, even to yourself. Swimming creates a slightly elongated, broad-shouldered, thin, and fit body shape, which many of us covet.

But, how exactly does swimming do all that? Yeah, we know swimming is an exercise method even the California Department of Public Health advocates. We know it’s gentle on your body, and we know it’s highly beneficial. But how does it change the shape of our bodies? Well, it’s a combination of the following:

  1. Arms and shoulders: Breaststroke, front crawl, butterfly, and back crawl will sculpt your shoulders and your arms.
  2. Abs: Yes, you can do a million planks and crunches to get those desired abs, or you can start swimming and get them rather quickly.
  3. Back: Swimming, especially when you do backstroke, will work wonders for your back muscles.
  4. Glutes: Regular swimming also works your glutes like no other exercise out there. And, the best thing – your glutes benefit regardless of the style.
  5. Legs: Finally, every type of swimming involves movements with your legs, which means they’ll get pretty sculpted too.

Does swimming reduce belly fat?

First of all, you have to be aware that swimming burns a ton of calories. Like, a gazillion of calories. Or more, nobody knows for sure just how many calories swimming burns because it’s a lot.

And, with the burning of calories comes the reduction of fat, belly fat included. And that’s when you do “regular” swimming. Like, you jump in the pool and do some freestyling. However, when you opt to swim in a specific manner to concentrate on shaping your tummy…

That’s when true swimming-for-a-flat-belly magic starts to happen. If you decide to follow these three tips for using swimming to shape your belly, you’ll start noticing the results in no time:

  1. Swim straight: The first thing you should pay attention to if your aim is to reduce belly fat is to swim with your back, and your entire body, as straight as they can be. Plus, this will make swimming a lot easier.
  2. Cardio swimming: Then, you should incorporate as much cardio swimming into your swimming sessions as possible. Cardio swimming means that you should swim for 15 minutes without taking a break while maintaining your heart rate relatively high.
  3. Treading water: Finally, once you finish a 15-minute cardio session, you should do some water-treading – go to the deep end and tread water as quickly as you can. This will build your stomach muscles.

    Does swimming change your body shape

Does swimming help lose thigh fat?

Again yes, swimming can also help you burn some of that pesky thigh fat. But, don’t worry, we’re not just going to state something and leave it at that. We’re going to provide you with some excellent tips on how to burn thigh fat by swimming:

  1. Breaststroke: This style of swimming involves specific movements with your legs that are great for losing thigh fat, especially if you do it right.
  2. Intervals: Try swimming in intervals, as swimming faster for a couple of laps will help you burn a lot of extra calories, in addition to the gazillion you’ve already burned.
  3. Wave maker: Finally, when you’re taking a break from swimming laps, face the ledge of a pool, grab it with your hands, let your body float, and do the wave maker. This will make your thighs lean super quickly.

“What’s the finest San Diego gym with a pool?”

If you’ve decided to get a leaner and meaner body through swimming, we can tell you that you’ve made the right choice. Now, it’s time to make another one and choose The Plunge San Diego as your temple of swim!

We provide the best facilities and the finest swimming pool in San Diego for you to enjoy. Perhaps it is rather difficult to visit the sights like Seaport Village nowadays, but it is easy to contact us and see about arranging a private session!

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