4 Simple Tips for Preparing Your Child for Swimming Lessons

It’s completely normal for young kids to be nervous about learning to swim. Even during the earliest stages when the lessons include both the parent and the child, choosing the right toddler swim lessons near you is crucial in order to help your toddler feel comfortable in water

Luckily, there are quite a few steps you can take to help your child get used to swimming in a safe and fun environment. Read on to learn the top 4 things you can do to prepare your child for their swimming lessons. 

How do I prepare my toddler for swimming lessons?

It goes without saying that you should first make sure your child is old enough to start swimming. In most cases, babies can take their first swimming lessons as early as 10 months old. 

Here are 4 time-tested tips to prepare your toddler for swim lessons:

1. Describe the lessons to them beforehand

Give them a good idea of what to expect and show them videos of kids having fun in a pool. This will help them get accustomed to the idea of going into water and possibly even make them eager to do so. 

2. Visit the pool

Bring your toddler to the swimming pool where the lessons will take place. Let them see other kids taking swim lessons. Your child will naturally pick up on the friendly manner of the instructors and want to be a part of the fun activity.

3. Meet the instructor

Introduce your toddler to the instructor prior to the lessons. Experienced instructors know exactly how to make kids feel comfortable and leave a positive first impression on them. This will ensure that your toddler is greeted by a friendly, familiar face when they show up for their first lesson.

4. Don’t forget the bathtub

If your kid is a toddler, you can replicate the swimming pool experience for them at home by filling up the bathtub and letting them practice submerging their head, blowing bubbles, and generally moving around underwater. Don’t forget to have them wear their swimsuit or swim trunks while they’re in the tub. 

How long should swim lessons last?

Generally, the younger a child is, the shorter their swim lessons tend to be. That’s because the purpose of these early lessons is to get a child used to water in a safe and positive environment. It’s only after they’ve developed a little that they can start truly learning how to keep themselves safe and move around in water on their own.

Consider the following:

  • Swim lessons for infants tend to last about half an hour and consist of fun activities that teach them simple techniques like floating, splashing, and kicking.
  • Classes for kids aged 30-45 usually last 30-45 minutes and teach children various swimming techniques.

Lessons for 6-9 year olds tend to be up to an hour long. They include complex techniques and advanced water safety skills. 

How long should swim lessons last

Where can I find dependable toddler swim lessons near me in San Diego?

Swimming is a lifelong skill that not only keeps a person safe in water, but also helps them stay healthy, gives them additional opportunities to socialize, and may even cause them to develop an interest in water-based sports such as surfing, water polo, water aerobics, and more. 

Here at The Plunge, we’d like to make sure your child learns to swim in a fun and controlled environment by providing them with high-quality swim lessons in San Diego. Located in Mission Beach, we’re a historical pool that offers visitors the full range of public pool services, including swim lessons, daycare, fitness programs, party rentals and more. Call us today!

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