Top 4 Most Effective Water Aerobics Exercises

Aqua aerobics is one of the most rapidly growing trends in the world of healthy living, and it’s easy to see why. Water aerobics can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, require minimal equipment, and carry virtually zero risk of injury. 

Whether you’re just starting out in aqua aerobics, or your water aerobics exercises have been a regular part of your life in San Diego for a while now, there will eventually come a time when beginner exercises are no longer challenging enough for you. When this occurs, you’ll need to look for exercises that are better suited for your current level. 

In previous articles, we provided a quick rundown of what water aerobics are and gave you some advice on how to find a great aqua aerobics trainer. Now we’ll help you take your watery workouts to the next level by giving you a list of 4 highly effective water aerobics exercises for you to try out. Read on!

What exercises do you do in water aerobics?

If you’re dealing with any chronic conditions or diseases that are exacerbated by impact or cause you to experience full body pain, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, or partial paralysis, make sure to consult with your doctor before starting any exercise routine. 

Once your doctor has cleared you and you’ve found a great water aerobics class, it’s time to find the right exercises that fit your needs. 

Here are 4 highly effective aqua aerobics exercises for you to try out:


Go into water that’s deep enough to cover your arms, then start kicking and punching while alternating legs and arms. The faster you do this, the more effective the workout will be and the more elevated your heart rate will get.


This popular water aerobics exercise is performed by standing in a pool or another body of water with your feet close together, and then jumping to one side while simultaneously jumping forward. Then you jump in the opposite direction while also moving forward. 

The goal is to mimic the motion of a skier on a downhill slide. This exercise provides numerous cardio benefits while also working the leg muscles. Just keep in mind that moguls require exceptional balance, and can be difficult to pull off at first.

Ball exercises

This simple exercise strengthens and tones your arms by having you stand with your feet apart and extending your arms forward while holding a 6-12 inch ball. Push the ball underwater and bring it up again in a figure eight pattern. 

Jogging or walking

Jogging or walking fast are one of the most effective ways to get fit on land, so it’s no surprise that it works just as well in water. However, unlike doing it on land, water jogging or walking puts little to no impact on muscles and joints. This makes it an excellent choice for elderly individuals or injured athletes who want to stay in shape during recovery.

This exercise can be done either in shallow water, or in deeper water with the aid of a buoyancy belt. For an extra challenge, you can also do it in deep water without a buoyancy belt. 

Where can I learn effective water aerobics exercises in San Diego?

Where can I learn effective water aerobics exercises in San Diego

As with all workouts, having the right trainer in your corner can help motivate you and make your aqua aerobics classes significantly more effective. For this reason, the water aerobics classes at The Plunge are led by the friendliest and most knowledgeable trainers in San Diego.

We’re a historical public pool located right next to Mission Beach that offers water aquatics classes for people of all ages, top-of-the-line daycare services, comprehensive swimming programs, and even private party hosting. Visit us today!

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