Daycare Packing List: Crucial Items Your Child Will Need at Daycare

One of the scariest moments in every parent’s life is when they have to drop off their child at daycare for the first time. There are so many doubts in your mind: is your child ready for daycare? Are they going to be safe? Will they get along with other kids and their childcare providers

With all these questions, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you’ve packed all the things your kid will need during their stay at a San Diego daycare. Here at The Plunge, we’d like to make things easier for you by giving you a universal packing checklist that includes all the items your kid will need at daycare. Read on!

What does a child need for daycare?

First off, you should grab a magic marker and some plain white labels (or order pre-printed name labels), and ensure every item has your child’s name on it. This will avoid confusion and make the time they spend at daycare a lot easier for your child and their caretakers.

Make sure to pack some or all of the following:

  • Extra outfits. For toddlers and other small kids, don’t hesitate to pack 3-4 changes of clothes, as well as some additional diapers. For bigger children, 1-2 outfits and some extra pairs of underwear should be enough. 
  • A durable lunch bag. Lunch bags live a hard life, so you want to make sure the one you get for your kid is able to withstand all that abuse without smashing the food inside or spilling it all over the floor. Furthermore, refrain from packing food that can easily get spilled or otherwise ruined inside the bag. 
  • A few bibs. Even the most well-behaved kid tends to be something of a slob at the dinner table. For this reason, having a couple waterproof bibs on hand is never a bad idea, as it’ll keep your child’s clothes from getting wet or messy during meals.
  • Clean indoor shoes, preferably ones equipped with no-slip grips on the bottom. This will help keep the daycare itself cleaner (and all the kids in it healthier), and ensure your child has the appropriate footwear for play and exercise. 
  • Medications. If the daycare policies allow, prepare a bag of medicine that you’d like your kid to have if they’re feeling uncomfortable. Make sure to let the daycare center staff know about these medications and to provide the necessary guidelines for how they should be administered. 
  • Beloved toy or similar item. Letting your child take a comfort item or two to daycare will not only give them more things to play with, it’ll also make the daycare feel more like home. This can be hugely effective when it comes to helping your kid transition into daycare

san diego the plungeWhat’s the best San Diego daycare for my child?

Nothing in life is as important as making sure your children get proper care as they grow and develop. For this reason, choosing the right daycare camp that provides your child with endless opportunity to exercise, socialize, learn, and have fun, is one of the most essential things you can do as a parent. 

If you’re in need of a tried-and-true poolside daycare center in San Diego, look no further than The Plunge historic swimming pool at Belmont Park. With a tradition that spans nearly a century and boasts gorgeous panoramic views, a state-of-the-art daycare, group swim lessons, rental options for private parties, and more. 

Visit us today, or give us a call if you’d like to learn more about why we’re San Diego’s #1 public pool! 

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