Top 3 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Daycare

Starting daycare is a huge moment in any kid’s life. For many children, it’s their first time being away from their parents or grandparents for an extended period of time, not to mention their first time interacting with a large group of other kids. 

Even if your child has been to daycare before, going to a new daycare is still a considerable transition. Parents are advised to do a few things beforehand to ensure their little one’s first day at the new daycare is as stress-free as possible

Here at The Plunge, San Diego, we’d like to help you do just that by providing you with a list of 3 easy ways to get your child ready for their first day at daycare. Keep reading to learn more. 

How do I transition my child to daycare?

Choosing the right childcare program will not just aid the development of your child, but also be an extremely fun experience for them. These benefits can be further increased by taking a little time to make the daycare transition as easy as possible for your kid. 

Here are 3 tried-and-true ways to prepare your kid for daycare:

1. Visit the daycare beforehand

The first day at daycare doesn’t have to be the first time your child actually sees the facility and meets the teachers. By visiting once or twice before the big day, you’ll be familiarizing your child with the place and make it easier for them to acclimate. 

2. Leave your kid with a babysitter for awhile

If your kid rarely spends time away from you, a good way to get them used to the idea is by leaving them for a few hours with a babysitter or a neighbor while you go out for dinner or a movie night with your significant other. 

3. Pack everything up

Packing 3-4 changes of clothing, multiple diapers, baby formula, and more, for a few hours at daycare may seem excessive, but you’d be surprised by how often packing for daycare is actually necessary. If your children are a little older, 1-2 outfits and some additional underwear should be enough. 

Another great idea is to provide your kid with a comfort item or two as well. A stuffed animal or a blanket that reminds them of home can make them feel less exposed and make it easier for them to adjust to being away from their parents. 

How can I help my child settle into a daycare camp?

It’s important to remember that a child’s world is much smaller than an adult’s. They haven’t been to nearly as many places or met as many people, and as a result, spending a few hours on their own can be both extremely exciting and scary. 

For this reason, parents should discuss the upcoming daycare visit as much as possible with their kid. Read them stories and watch shows that depict fun and interesting daycare experiences. The goal is to make them understand that daycare is a great place for a child to be.

How can I help my child settle into a daycare camp

Does The Plunge in San Diego offer quality poolside daycare?

You know what’s better than a first-rate daycare with seasoned teachers and an age-appropriate curriculum? A daycare that has all that, but also includes a cutting-edge swimming pool, numerous daytime activities and exploration, and even kid yoga classes and lessons in Fine Arts.

At The Plunge, San Diego, we boast all that and more! Located within a walking distance from the Giant Dipper, we can proudly call ourselves the finest public pool and daycare in the city. Come visit us today! 

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