10 Top Tips for Safe Swimming

When you’re looking to make your swimming sessions as safe as possible, you should first pay attention to the do’s and don’ts of swimming. Also, it doesn’t hurt to learn more about the proper swimming etiquette. These two aspects of swimming should be your top priority when thinking about safe swimming.

Also, don’t forget about how long you should remain in water. You should not overdo it with remaining in water for extended periods of time either. So, before thinking “What is the best open swim location near me?”, think about the following safety tips in order to prepare for your swimming outing.

What are the 10 safety tips for swimming?

Swimming safely is of vital importance. It doesn’t matter that you’re at the swimming pool with lifeguards around you. You need to do all you can to make sure you’re as safe in water as you can be. Here are the 10 most important safety tips to pay attention to.

  1. Read the signs – Look for the signs posted around the designated swimming area and take the time to carefully read all of them. Abide by the safety regulations written on the signs.
  2. Don’t run – Never run around the swimming pool. Surfaces around the swimming pool are wet and tend to get extremely slippery and you could easily get hurt if you’re not careful. 
  3. Get in and out of the pool carefully – Always use a handrail when entering and exiting the swimming pool. This will ensure complete safety when performing these two actions.
  4. Look before diving in – Some swimming pools strictly forbid leaping into the water, while some allow it. If the swimming pool regulations state that you are allowed to jump in, always look around you to make sure you don’t injure anybody already in the water.
  5. Don’t overdo it – Be realistic and always stay within your swimming abilities. Swim as far and as vigorously as you feel comfortable with, and exit the water if you notice you’re starting to get tired.
  6. Don’t swim alone – The “buddy” system is an excellent method to ensure maximum safety while swimming. If you’re unsure in your swimming abilities, ask a more experienced swimmer to be in the water alongside you, just in case.
  7. Be careful when playing – You need to be extra careful when playing various games in water. Also, you should avoid wrestling and tumbling in the swimming pool as it can get very dangerous very quickly.
  8. No alcohol – No matter how competent a swimmer you might be, water and alcohol are not a winning combination. Alcohol slows down your reaction time, it makes you sleepy, and you get tired more easily, and none of this is desirable when you’re in water.
  9. Mind the hazards – Pay attention not to swim near pool drains, skimmers, as they could potentially cause problems to inexperienced swimmers.
  10. Learn proper technique – Finally, learn how to swim properly. This means learning the different swimming techniques and using them correctly when in water to ensure maximum safety while swimming.

If you closely follow these 10 easy guidelines, you can relax and know you’re completely safe at a swimming pool. However, there is one final note to make – never get too comfortable in water, no matter how good a swimmer you are. Always be cautious and always try to be as careful as possible.

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