Swimming Do’s & Don’ts: What Should and Shouldn’t I Do?

Knowing what you should and shouldn’t do at a swimming pool is a crucial part of adequate pool etiquette, and it also improves your safety in a swimming pool. You need to learn how to properly behave at the swimming pool in order to make your visits to the local open swim spot in San Diego as enjoyable as possible.

You should definitely know how long each of your swimming sessions should be, no question about it. But there are a lot more do’s and also plenty more don’ts for you to learn about, so let’s see what they are.

What are the do’s and don’ts in swimming?

When swimming, you need to know what you can and should do, as well as what you can but shouldn’t do. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things that you are expected to do at the swimming pool, as well as some huge NO’s you should never do when swimming.

What should I do when swimming?

When at the swimming pool, you should pay attention and make sure you abide by some of the most important rules. Make sure that you DO:

  1. Warm up well – It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced swimmer or a total novice, you should always warm up thoroughly before entering the swimming pool. This will prevent injuries and ensure maximum enjoyment.
  2. Use different styles – When swimming, don’t just stick with what you know. Try to learn new swimming styles and techniques to enrich your swimming experience, as well as work different muscle groups while swimming.
  3. Hydrate – Yes, you’re surrounded by all that water, but you still need to hydrate. Swimming is a beautiful activity, but it is also physically demanding, and you should pay attention and hydrate as often as possible.
  4. Use proper technique – Always try to swim as correctly as possible in order to reap maximum benefits of swimming. Try to use adequate swimming technique even when you’re just having fun at the swimming pool.
  5. Apply sunscreen – Never forget to apply sunscreen when swimming. Although you might think you’re protected from the sun in the water, the truth is that the sun beams get refracted by the water and actually hit your body at many different angles, amplifying their effects.
  6. Notify the lifeguards – If you notice something floating on the surface of the water, or something at the bottom of the swimming pool, notify the lifeguard immediately since any foreign objects in the swimming pool can prove dangerous. 
  7. Breathe slowly – Finally, when swimming, try to breathe in and out as slowly as possible. This will help you tire less while swimming in addition to being the correct way to breathe while swimming.

What should I avoid doing when swimming?

Now, there are also some things you shouldn’t do when at the swimming pool, and here are the most important no’s when it comes to swimming. Make sure that you DON’T:

  1. Eat a lot before swimming – Having a large meal before entering the swimming pool will make you feel heavy in water while also seeing you tire quicker, making your swimming session last shorter than it should.
  2. Swim alone – You should avoid entering the pool, or going swimming anywhere else for that matter, alone. Try to have a buddy to go swimming with, as this will make the entire experience a lot safer.
  3. Dive headfirst – Diving headfirst into water can prove to be a lot more dangerous than it initially seems, as you risk sustaining neck and head injuries.
  4. Play around in the water – When you’re swimming, be it at the swimming pool or in the open water, you should be serious and not horseplay. Swimming can turn dangerous quickly, and you should do what you can to prevent any problems.
  5. Stand in the way – Make sure you don’t stand in the way of other swimmers when you’re at the swimming pool, as it makes it harder for other swimmers to swim around you.
  6. Cut off swimmers – When swimming, you should also try to stay within your imaginary lane and not cut off other swimmers as they’re doing their own thing.
  7. Overdo it – Listen to what your body’s telling you and make sure you get out of the swimming pool when you start getting tired. Take a break, relax, and go back in. No reason to push your body over the limit.

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