Clever Ways to Encourage Your Reluctant Child to Swim

When it comes to encouraging a child to swim, they first need to stop being afraid of water. It would surprise you, but many kids are.

Then, you need to think “where can I take my kid to private swimming lessons near me?” You should also inquire about how long the swimming lessons are and how many swimming lessons it will take for your child to learn to swim. Although there are so many considerations, there are a couple of tips and tricks on motivating your child to start swimming.

Why doesn’t my child want to swim?

If your child is reluctant to learn how to swim, it may be down to several reasons. Mind you, it’s nothing to get worried about. Yes, the California Department of Public Health strongly advises swimming as a great method of exercising and your child should definitely learn to swim at an early age, but a slight reluctance is nothing to worry about.

Let’s try to deduce why your child doesn’t want to go swimming or is not willing to attend swimming lessons:

  1. Kids will be kids – Sometimes, it’s literally nothing more than a child being a child. Sometimes kids just don’t want to do something at a certain point and they want to at another. Talking about it should resolve the matter quickly.
  2. Fear – But, at other times, your child may have developed a fear of water at a certain point in the past and is unwilling to take a dip because of that. Fear of water is a serious matter and should be addressed accordingly.
  3. Attention – Some kids need more attention from their parents and refusing to participate in certain activities, swimming included, is their way of telling you they want you to be with them more.
  4. Stranger danger – If you’ve started taking your kid to swimming lessons and your child doesn’t want to even start, it may be because the instructor is a stranger to them and they feel unpleasant around them.
  5. Behavior alterations – But, many children are not afraid of instructors. What’s all the fuss about then, you wonder? Kids can be manipulative, but in a completely cute way – they may be acting up because the instructor is not behaving as they would like and they’re trying to alter the instructor’s behavior.
  6. Sensory overload – There are a lot of sensations when your child is attempting to swim. Variations in temperature, echoes, lights, water in their eyes… All these auditory, visual, and tactile sensations can cause overload, stopping your child from enjoying swimming.

How can I encourage my child to start swimming?

If you’re looking for clever ways to encourage your child to swim, you’re in the right place, as we’ve got them in spades:

  • Start swimming for fun, not just for effect. Try losing the same old structure out of the equation and try to make every swim time as interesting and enjoyable as it can be.
  • Turning the entire swimming experience into a game is also incredibly helpful when trying to get a reluctant child to join in. Play with water, bring a water pistol for a game of pistol fight… Go wild!
  • Sometimes, your child doesn’t like the location. Switching the location can also do the trick if you’ve noticed your kid doesn’t want to get into the water.
  • Peer pressure can be a good thing when it comes to swimming. Take your kids to swim lessons where they can have a go at it with other kids of their age. Watching others sore will certainly help your children along the way.
  • Finally, you should try turning to the pros. Professional swimming instructors are there for a reason and if everything you’ve tried has crashed and burned, ask for help.

Why doesn’t my child want to swim

How do I get my child to like swimming?

To be completely honest, some kids will love swimming immediately, while others will learn to swim, but will never actually love it. And that’s all down to the differences in character and personal preference.

But, swimming is a beautiful activity, and you should at least try to get your child to like swimming. When it comes to this matter, there isn’t really a specific piece of advice we could offer you now that we haven’t before.

First and foremost, try to make every swimming session as fun and enjoyable as you possibly can. Talk to your child regularly, try to resolve all the potential problems that may arise, and, most importantly – make a family activity out of it. No kid doesn’t love quality family time!

“Is there someone who offers enjoyable private swimming lessons near me?”

You’ve absolutely got the gist of it – swimming lessons for kids should firstly be interesting and fun, and that’s exactly what The Plunge San Diego offers – incredibly enjoyable individual and group swimming lessons for your kids.

Now, it may not be the most opportune time for starting swimming lessons. You’ve probably already postponed the long-planned visit to the USS Midway Museum. But, know that at The Plunge, you can pre-register in advance and be ready to get cracking when all this ends. We’re here for you!

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