Fear of Water: How Can I Help My Kid?

Your child is afraid of water and you’re lost for action? Did you know that there are some things each parent should know about swimming to be able to explain it to their children? Have you thought about taking your child to swimming lessons? Are you trying to encourage your kid to swim?

Helping your kid overcome the fear of water is a tall order for every parent, and only made taller without some help from professionals. So, read this quick help guide before signing up your child for toddler swim lessons in San Diego.

Why is my child afraid of water?

Bath time’s always been OK. Never even a slight tussle, never a moment of reluctance – your child absolutely loves to hop into the tub. But, first family beach outing, and not even as much as a toe-dip?

No need to consult the American Academy of Pediatrics – your child’s fear of water is perfectly normal. But, what could be causing it if there were no previous indications at all? Why is your child’s vocabulary full of “nos” all of a sudden, when everything was going so fine? Let’s see what the common causes of fear of water are:

  • Big pools of water, bigger than the one you have at home, are mysterious and vast. Perhaps your child’s become aware of it, causing a rapid development of fear?
  • And, with the realization of immense vastness comes the understanding that water is, unfortunately, potentially dangerous. That’s why there are no attempts to go in.
  • Lacking ample life experience, there is no way for your child to rationalize all the fears, making them scared of water.
  • Sometimes, the fear might stem from a previous scary water experience – a slip in the tub, excessive splashing, or unpleasant water immersion can lead to your child becoming reluctant to jump in.
  • Finally, some kids suffer from sensory processing problems and are very prone to becoming sensory overloaded, causing all the loud noises associated with swimming to be unbearable.

These are the most frequent reasons why a child is afraid of a large body of water. Chances are, one or several of these is what’s causing your child’s fears. Now, how can you help?

Should I force my child to take swim lessons?

The answer to this question is a short and resounding “no”! Nothing good will come out of forcing your children to partake in an activity they are scared of. The thing about forcing your child to swim is it can only deepen their fears and resentment.

However, your child should definitely learn how to swim, right? If forcing a reluctant child is not an option, how can you get your child to attend swimming lessons and learn this precious life skill? What can you do?

Talking is the first option, trying to explain to your child that swimming is not only a useful, but also an enjoyable skill to acquire. Also, take your child to observe a few swimming lessons, offer some gentle advice and encouragement, and try slowly nudging your child in the right direction. The days of “toss him in, he’ll swim” are long past us.

Should I force my child to take swim lessons

How can I help my child overcome the fear of swimming?

When it comes to actually helping your kid overcome the fear of water, there are several useful strategies you could put to good use:

  1. Gradual immersion – Again, no forcing your child, no tossing your kid into the water. Let your child take the first step carefully, and remember to take it slowly. 
  2. Equipment – Make learning to swim fun by implementing some fun swimming equipment. Water wings, colorful goggles, a life-jacket in your child’s favorite color… All of this can make a world of difference. 
  3. Go in yourself – Always go in with your child, at least in the beginning. That way, your child will be less afraid and get over the fear quicker.
  4. Talking helps – Sometimes, whatever you do, your child doesn’t seem to want to budge. Try talking calmly to your child, discuss the reason for the fear, and answer all the questions your child might have calmly and in as much detail as you can. 
  5. Private swimming lessons – When we say private, we mean one-on-one lessons. Find a patient and kind instructor your child feels comfortable with and see if a professional can help.
  6. Counseling – Finally, if nothing else helps, if your kid simply can’t get over the fear of water, a couple of sessions with a psychologist might do the trick.

“Who’s the reigning authority on toddler swim lessons in San Diego?”

If you’re thinking about taking your young child to swim lessons, you’re probably trying to find the best place to do so. Well, you’re in luck, because The Plunge San Diego’s here – the finest spot for both private and group swimming lessons for your child in San Diego. 

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