​Cleaning & Sanitation

​Cleaning & Sanitation

Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures

In addition to existing continuous cleaning protocols, we’ve added a rigorous, deep-cleaning and disinfecting process on a regular basis.  All Plunge staff members will support these rigorous cleaning protocols and will document completion of tasks in the company provided software.

EPA approved disinfectants which are effective against the COVID-19 virus with a kill time of less than one minute will be used for all continuous and deep-cleaning processes. Common touch points will be disinfected on a more frequent basis including but not limited to: furniture, door handles, handrails, restroom facilities, shower and faucet handles, changing room benches and lockers.


Lockers inside gender specific locker rooms may be restricted to guest use at times to allow for proper cleaning and disinfecting.  Lockers on the deck will be available for guest use, and guests are encouraged to use disinfecting wipes before and after their use. Plunge staff will disinfect the lockers on a regular basis and document the completion in the company provided software.

Furniture Use and Social Distancing

Furniture in the Plunge has been rearranged to create specific lounges for families and to allow for social distancing.  Guests are required to abide by the government guidelines regarding social distancing.



Waiver Required

All guests and Plunge staff must fill out the release of liability waiver prior to entering the facility. The waiver has been updated with Covid-19 acknowledgements, physical liability and social media reproductions. To reduce touch points a QR code is available at the entrance for guests and staff to use their personal device to fill out the wavier. The waiver is also available on our website and can be filled out prior to visiting the facility.  The company provided iPad is also available onsite for guests to fill out the waiver as necessary.

Hand Washing and Showers

The Plunge will provide hand sanitizer at the front desk. Guests are encouraged to utilize the deck showers prior to entering the water and after exiting the water. Showers in the gender specific locker rooms may be limited for enhanced cleaning and sanitation and to encourage social distancing.


Plunge staff members have been provided reusable gloves to be worn while disinfecting the facility and have disposable gloves for emergency response.

Facility Features

Facility Features

Pool Water Enhancements

Plunge San Diego is proud to be the only known swimming pool in San Diego County with Ultraviolet Light being used as a secondary disinfectant system. The UV light provides an extra layer of protection for our guests by disrupting the DNA/RNA of organisms which kills or inactivates the virus completely. In addition to the UV light we have increased our sanitation levels in the pool water to deactivate any viruses and bacteria more readily. A state of the art regenerative filtration system is used at the Plunge that filters 1 to 5 micron levels which will capture many if not all viruses and bacteria. The filtration system was deep cleaned and fresh media was replenished prior to the Plunge re-opening.

Facility Enhancements

Ventilation throughout the building has been improved. Additional exhaust fans were added to increase air flow in the locker rooms. During the operational day the side windows, garage doors to the VIP deck and roof will remain open to allow for increased ventilation and fresh air flow. The front doors may be propped open for increased circulation of outdoor air without posing a safety risk to children, staff or guests.

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