Amazing Ideas for a Kids’ Birthday Pool Party

So, you’re missing ideas for a birthday pool party for your kids? Also, you have no idea how to plan a birthday pool party, nor do you know which water activities kids would love to be part of? You’re starting to think why throw a pool birthday party at all, aren’t you?

We understand that it might sound a bit too much, but birthday pool parties are an engaging and entertaining idea for kids. They can be fun for adults too, especially if you rent a pool for a birthday party and free yourself from all the worries. But, first, let’s see about helping you come up with some ideas.

How do I have a fun pool party?

Let’s face it – every pool party is a fun pool party, especially for kids. Come on, there’s a swimming pool involved, plus refreshments and a bite to eat. What could possibly go wrong there? Any way you look at it, pool parties are a hoot for children!

But, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit, you always can, especially if you pay attention to some of the best kids’ birthday pool party tips & tricks:

  1. Giant inflatables – Get a couple, like a giant unicorn or a dragon, and you’re going to light the atmosphere up in a second.
  2. Custom invites – Splurge a bit and print the invitations on a beach ball. Now that’s original!
  3. Beach bucket goodie bags – Or you could call them goodie buckets? Anyway, kids will go nuts when they start digging through these!
  4. Crazy straws – There’s no kids’ birthday party without crazy straws!
  5. Watermelon popsicles – Get a mold, throw in some seedless watermelon, granulated sugar, lemon juice, coconut milk and crushed kiwi in there, layer it nicely, and you have delicious treats ready to go!
  6. Jumbo jenga – It’s jenga, but it’s jumbo!
  7. Beachy photos – Take a light blue blanket, cut out some white clouds to hang, throw in some beach stuff on the floor, and create a beachy backdrop for kids to take photos.
  8. Sun protection – Sunburns are not fun, but they can happen at a pool birthday party. Try to make applying sunscreen fun with a proper sun protection station.
  9. Towel station – Not exactly fun, but necessary, as there’s always someone who forgets a towel. Be sure to provide a colorful alternative!
  10. Food & drinks station – Finally, make sure to have a designated area where kids can take a break, grab something to eat and drink, and sit down for a minute or two.

Now, these are just some of the ideas to make your pool birthday party even more interesting to kids. You can also choose a theme for your party to revolve around, make some decorations to suit the theme, etc., but implementing only these will do just fine, trust us.

What do you do at a pool party?

When it comes to organizing activities for your kid’s birthday pool party, you can choose one of two paths – organize the activities yourself, or leave it to the staff of the pool you’re renting to do it.

What do you do at a pool party

If you like a hands-on approach and want to have a hand in organizing your child’s birthday, here are some interesting activities for kids to do at a pool party, which are quite easy to organize as well:

  1. Beach ball bowling – Take a big beach ball, place 10 DIY soda-bottle pins at the end, and let the kids go wild!
  2. Popsicle balloons – Kids love arts & crafts, and you can show them how to make popsicles out of twisting balloons.
  3. Squirt gun war! – Hand out plenty of filled squirt guns, and let the kids hash it out! Just make sure to supervise the affair so it doesn’t get too extreme.
  4. Hose fight – When they’re finished with squirt guns, take the battle to the next level!
  5. Marco Polo – A classic that never gets old.
  6. Diving challenge – If the kids are old enough, organize a challenge where kids dive for rings for a limited time, and the one with the most rings collected wins a prize.
  7. Octopus tag – A child is “It”, and he or she tries their hardest to tag others. Once a kid gets tagged, they hold hands with “It” while trying to tag other children.
  8. Crazy jump competition – Get a panel of experts, that is, kids, together, and have them tag the others as they attempt crazy jumps in the pool.
  9. Pool hoops – Place a basketball hoop at the end of a pool, and see who scores the most points.
  10. Aqua pinata – Suspend the pinata above the shallow end of the pool and let the kids try to whack it while jumping.

Or you can just leave it to the pros to plan all the activities when you rent a pool for a birthday party. It’s all up to you!

Where can I rent a pool for a birthday party in San Diego?

If you’d like to gift your child with an incredible birthday pool party, but you do not have a swimming pool behind your house, don’t despair, you can rent a pool for a party in San Diego, you just need to know where you can find the best one.

The Plunge San Diego offers a premium experience if you decide to rent a pool for your kid’s party. We offer a range of available time slots, enable you to reserve an area for food and drinks, and even rent giant inflatables for the guests to enjoy. So, if you want your child to have the greatest pool party ever, stop by our place on your way to Seaport Village. You’ll love it!

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