5 Benefits of Swimming After Workout

Are you planning to do some serious workout or hit the pool? Surely, both activities can bring numerous advantages that can greatly boost your health. This is especially the case with swimming. Apart from helping you get in shape faster, it’s also an efficient method for inducing weight loss. 

Many people combine both workout and swimming to achieve the best results. What’s even better, this has never been easier, as there are gyms with swimming pools in San Diego and beyond that offer a number of opportunities for full body workout and relaxation. Read on to learn how to properly combine your regular exercise with swimming.  

Is it okay to swim after going to the gym?

You’re wondering whether jumping in the pool after a high-intensity workout, weightlifting, or a long run is a good idea? It’s indeed no whim, but a reasonable addition to your daily routine. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t push yourself too hard. 

Some professionals recommend making a longer break between two activities. This of course depends on the goals you’re trying to achieve. If you’re following a plan to build core strength, then put more emphasis on workout and make daily breaks before jumping in the water. If you’re swimming right after the workout, keep the pace moderate and allow the muscles to recuperate. 

Is swimming good for muscle recovery?

Getting in water after a long exercise or after an injury bears many advantages. Obviously, muscles behave differently in water. When it comes to recovering strength and stamina, It’s actually recommended, especially to athletes that wish to keep their fitness level after getting hurt on the court. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits swimming can have after a heavy workout: 

1. It refreshes and cools down muscles

Some professionals argue that the main reason for the feeling of fatigue lies in the body heat. When you have already undergone strenuous exercise, cooling down is the main idea: 5 – 10 minutes just treading water should allow your muscles to relax. You will quickly feel refreshed and ready to try out a couple of strokes. Of course, it’s important to take your time.    

2. It releases additional energy 

When cooled down, you’ll find some unexpected packages of energy that would allow you to engage in additional exercises. Your joints and muscles aren’t under strain and by swimming you can still increase your heart rate. Go step by step and try to complete some segments. 

3. It relaxes the lower body after a leg day 

Getting in water after a leg day is ideal, as you can try stretching and other exercises which lead to increased mobility. Swimming is generally considered a low-impact activity, i.e. cardio without the usual strain, so it will give you some additional freedom, with minimum risk of injury. 

4. It makes practicing some skills easier, when tired

As mentioned earlier, if you’re already exhausted from lifting weights, running or calisthenics, you shouldn’t push yourself too far in the water. Use the time to practice treading and utilize the density of the water to work on some muscle groups with greater ease than on dry land. 

5. It makes a logical transition to shower

After you’re finished with swimming, it’s necessary to take a shower. This way, you can protect your cardiovascular health and complete the whole cycle. Don’t forget to eat and drink plenty of water after the shower. Although you might not feel the thirst, you can easily dehydrate while swimming.

Is swimming good for muscle recovery

Where can I find full equipped gyms with swimming pools in San Diego?

You’ve already acknowledged that the combination of swimming and classic workout is for you, but wouldn’t it be a hassle to drive between two different facilities? If you are seeking a place where you can come to reward yourself with healthy exercise, or even if you wish to organize events for your family or friends, then look no further. 

We are located in the vicinity of Ventura Cove Park. The Plunge has been around for many decades, offering a facility with great historical and practical features. You can count on us for swimming courses, daycare services, spa treatment and birthday events. 

Drop by today to try out some of our attractive amenities.

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